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About the Fish
Jebs Guppy Ranch

How many fish do we have?

Well,as I said before we have four breeds of fish(Guppies,White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Panda Catfish and speckled Catfish)that we keep. But we have only successfuly bred guppies and White Cloud Mountain Minnows. We have 12 tanks. We gave away our goldfish and our Betta.

Right now we don't know we are not sure how many guppies we have. But we have had 40 guppies born this month and several females are pregnant.


For Non-guppy fish we have two male and two female White Cloud Mountain Fish, we have three panda catfish, Ricky, Bing and Bong and two speckled catfish, Speck and Spike.


Name The Guppy!

We have one yellowish female, three blue females and two purple females who all need names. Sent your names in by contacting us, you can get our address on the conntact me page.