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Jebs Guppy Ranch

Welcome to Jebs Guppy Ranch!

The Guppy Ranch is just a small family hobby,where we breed and raise guppies. Along with the guppies we have been working on breeding goldfish,white cloud mountain minnows and Bettas

This is just pretty much for fun both this page and the ranch. We are from Saskatoon Sask. and are part of the Saskatoon Aquarium Society.
We have been keeping fish for about one and a half years, but only with in the last half a year been making money.

What's New?

We have goten some very nice Endler Guppies. Some stunning yellows and some very pretty blacks. We are trying to breed paridise fish as well. Um, nothing else really

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

I will be changing the photo every now and then to another animated fish photo, I'll keep you posted.

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